Bardinet ' Martiniquaise Group'

An international group
Group Highlights
Since 1993, Bardinet has been part of the La Martiniquaise-Bardinet Group
20% of the spirits sold in France
•  150 million bottles produced each year
•  1130 employees
•  37 subsidiaries around the world
Growing turnover: €457 million in 2002 (+11%)

La Martiniquaise has a dominant position in the rum market through its various subsidiaries.

•  48% of BARDINET France's turnover comes from rum and similar products.
•  The group has 5 distilleries in the Caribbean: DILLON, DEPAZ and SAINTE MARIE (Saint James) in La Martinique, SIS in Guadalupe and Distillerie de MARIE GALANTE.

Our leading gold rum brand
•  More than 8 million bottles sold in 118 countries.
•  Undisputed leader in France: 51% of the market
   (share in terms of value, Nielsen hypermarkets and supermarkets 2001).
•  2nd biggest brand in grocery sales in Spain: 23% of the dark rum market
   (share in terms of litres, Nielsen TAM AS’03).

Steady growth in the competitive market for gold rum in Spain: +18 % - Nielsen AS’03 vs. AS’02 -

•  Exceptional recognition: 83% have heard of it (Source: Marketing Office)
•  Policy to broaden distribution:
       •  Weighted distribution AC NIELSEN AS’03 -> 90% of the Grocery market.
       •  Weighted distribution AC NIELSEN AS’03 -> 67% of the Hotels and Catering market.

Dillon, Depaz, Old Nick
Dillon: a historic distillery operating in Fort-de-France since 1879. 42% market share (share of the market for white rum < 50°; Nielsen hypermarkets and supermarkets 2001 France).
Depaz: At the foot of the Montagne Pelée volcano since 1630, more than 50,000 people visit the DEPAZ distillery each year. It has more than 5,000 barrels in its aging cellar.
Old Nick: market leader for agricultural rum in France with a market share of more than 25% for white rum with up to 40% volume (Nielsen hypermarkets and supermarkets 2001).
In summary, it is a prestigious range of rum that has recently been expanded in the Spanish market with the inclusion of the leading brand in Catalonia.

Incontestable leader in the Barcelona metropolitan area (Nielsen TAM AM’03)
• More than 50% in the Nielsen Hotels and Catering sector (market share in terms of litres TAM AM’03, dark rum segment).
• More than 38% of the Nielsen Grocery sector (market share in terms of litres TAM AM’03, dark rum segment)The highest recognition in its segment, with weighted distribution of 96% in Grocery and 75% in Hotels and Catering.
• Packaging redesigned in record time: presented at the Alimentaria 2002 fair just 6 months after the brand came into the Group's portfolio.

Four million 70 cl bottles in 2002. > 8% of the spirits market (Nielsen index for the Grocery + Hotels and Catering Market DE’O2 = 36 million litres):
The brand that has made the greatest progress in its category: +73% in 1999, +17% in 2000, + 22% in 2001.

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