Responsible consumption

Out of our concern for proper use of our products, we at Bardinet encourage ‘responsible consumption', providing a healthy experience and avoiding abuse or inappropriate consumption.

We have thus worked together with a group of companies in FEBE (the Spanish Spirits Federation) to draw up a set of good practice rules to:

Drynk responsibly

Responsible attitudes towards drink help you behave in such a way that you never have to feel ashamed or sorry about the way you act. There are certain rules for people who drink occasionally or regularly, but who are not alcoholics and who are aware of the danger of becoming one, which enable them to avoid getting drunk and the consequences that brings. These rules, in the form of advice that anyone can follow, are as follows:

1-Recognise your true limits. Almost everyone who drinks tends to assume that they can "take" their drink better than others, but that does not make sense. Apart from the fact that "taking" your drink better or worse is nothing to be proud of, people almost always fool themselves by not wanting to admit they are drunk when everyone else can certainly tell they are.

2-Do not drink on an empty stomach. Food mixes with alcohol and stops your body absorbing it too quickly. Many people enjoy food more if they accompany it with low-proof alcoholic drinks. There are also psychological factors that encourage you to drink less if you eat solid food at the same time.

3-Do not drink quickly. Drink to enjoy and taste your food not to feel the effects of alcohol. Drinkers who "get ahead" of their companions and encourage them to "catch up" are usually people who do not easily hold back and almost always end up drunk.

4-Accept an offer of a drink only when you really want one. Do not let anyone pressure you into drinking when you do not want to. To do otherwise would be to deny that you can have a good time with people while drinking moderately.

5-Avoid having the odd drink here and there. Some people drink all the time and are always offering you a drink. However, you do not have to accept, especially if it involves drinking for the sake of it.

6-If you eat out and have to drive home, it is best not to drink any alcohol at all. In any case, drink moderately with your meal, but never after. It has been clearly proven that your ability to drive is greatly impaired by even low levels of alcohol in your blood.

7-Avoid drinking outside of the family setting whenever possible. Many people who drink in bars (obviously not everyone) are looking to get drunk rather than looking for a social relationship. That does not mean that it is irresponsible to "have a drink with your mates". It all depends on whether you follow the "rules" we are recommending.

8-Do not drink to "relax" or calm down, when what you really need is a change or a rest. Drinking whenever you feel anxious, worried or depressed can make alcohol a necessity, leading you towards alcoholism.

Bardinet has also signed the Spanish 'Advertising Self-regulation Code', through which the main companies in the sector have shown their firm desire and commitment to be responsible companies.

The group also takes part in other national associations that promote targeted work and research.

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