Our global strategy

We want to be leading competitors and actively take part in all the markets we target. Thus, since liquids are the heart of our trade and business, we have decided to:
1-Make investments in production areas, whenever we can.
2-Guarantee the aim of supplying at an accessible cost through an ambitious policy of stocks and purchasing alliances with strategic suppliers.

Our aims
We aim to make our business venture an open project that is profitable for everyone involved in it in whatever way.
We want to create value and share values with our :
  •  Consumers
  •  Customers
  •  Collaborators
  •  Managers
  •  Shareholders

And those who have a direct or indirect stake in our business.
With the motto ‘we can always do a little better' we invite all key stakeholders to make progress based on our values.


Bardinet S.A. Gelida (Barcelona)
Tel: 93 779 01 25 - Fax: 93 779 05 05 // bardinet@bardinet.es